Dana Hotel and Spa
Spa Therapist
  • Massage 
  • ​Skin care/waxing
  • ​Cryotherapy
November 2012 - July 2017


Years of experience: 16
Current place of practice: Chicago, IL
Contact: info@deanabarnes.com

Massage and Bodywork

-Skin Health Coach

-Face and Body Waxing



-AcuLift Facial

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- Thai Massage 

- Thai Foot Therapy

- Shiatsu 

-Lomi Lomi 

- Prenatal/Postnatal








Professional Experience

Professional Skills

Deana Barnes is a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, board certified massage therapist, licensed esthetician, and certified yoga and stress management therapist. Deana began her training in 2002 at the Illinois School of Health Careers in Chicago, IL. Deana certified in Shiatsu and Chinese Medicine at Zen Shiatsu in Evanston Illinois. Deana is a graduate of G Skin and Beauty Institute in Chicago.  Deana is a graduate of the Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai, specializing in Thai Massage, Thai foot therapy, and Herbal Compression. Please send booking inquiries to info@deanabarnes.com

Deana Barnes

Skin Care and Waxing

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Quick Facts

July 2017 - Present

​​Beauty and Wellness Professional


CHuan Spa
Spa therapist
  • Acupressure
  • Massage
  • ​Aesthetics
  • ​Hydrafacial

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